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SQL Server Agent Job status web part for SharePoint

This project provides a web part that will display the current status of a SQL Server Agent job as an image icon and with the result status as text.
To install and use it in a SharePoint Server, download and install the .wsp solution file and install it on the server using the STSADM command. Enable the feature in the site collection features page in the site actions/site settings menu.
To use the source code, download and open with Visual Studio 2008 with the SPVisualDev addon installed (on a SharePoint Server).
To access the data from the SQL Server, the account used needs to be able to run the sp_help_job stored procedure in the msdb database.

Tested scenario:
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SharePoint 2007
  • Visual Studio 2008 with SPVisualDev (for development)

Note: the web part opens a connection and runs the SP every time the containing page loads. This might not be a desired system load in some situations/environments.

Room for improvement, thoughts for future releases:
  • localization support
  • reduce calls to the SQL server by caching results in SharePoint
  • option to use windows authentication
  • asynchronous database calls

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